Welcome to Bizy Bags!


To create educational and fun activity bags for your kids to stay busy when you are at home or on the go. Our Bizy Bags help kids grow through play learning independently. Our goal is to occupy your little ones without a screen with our fun and sensory friendly Bizy Bag.

As moms ourself, we have run into times where our lives are hectic and we hope that these bags can make your lives with kids on the go a little easier and fun! 


Amanda & Kaitlin are busy moms each raising 3 kiddos of their own ranging in ages from 6 to 1 year. They were both born & raised in KC & are passionate about raising their children in such an amazing & supportive community.  Kaitlin, a Speech Language Pathologist, & Amanda, a marketing major love creating activities & watching their kids keep busy & learn through play on the go— in an airplane, at a restaurant or even on the road. They are both big believers in engaging children and fostering their creativity and independence through play. Their frequent bulging ‘purse of activities’ turned into a business idea & ‘Bizy Bags’ was born.