What age range are your Bizy Bags for? 

Our bags are made for toddler to early childhood. We say that our bags are for ages 3-10. Some items may be great for smaller kids, where some may be too advanced. Every kid is different as well as their interests. Our goal is to make bags that are geared towards a certain and smaller age range in the future. Stay tuned!


Do you do returns or exchanges? 

We do not do returns or exchanges. However, if your bag or an item is broke or defective, please let us know and we can address the problem.

We try to fill your bag with a wide variety of products. Sometimes the bag is quite tight and full. We do this to ensure that you well equipped to keep your kids busy. If your bag breaks, please let us know and we are happy to replace the bag.


What sizes are your bags? 

Our bags are waterproof 9x13 with a zip closure.


I just ordered! When will I receive my first bag? 

Bags usually ship out next day! On high volume times, they may take a little longer to ship out. Local pickup and delivery. are usually available in 24 hours.


What is a Bizy Bag Subscription?

Each month we come out with a new themed bag. Subscribers will receive the new themed bag every month. 


How often will I be charged?

You will be charged the first week of every month for $36. Subscriptions will receive a $4 discount. 


How do I cancel my subscription? 

You can email us at bizybagskc@gmail.com to cancel. There is a 3-month minimum term, so after your third month you can cancel at anytime.